Sunday, August 1, 2010

Globalization is Delicious

Today for snack I had avocado with white miso paste and olive oil on a piece of bread. I know what I eat is not very interesting to many people besides myself but as I was swept up in the deliciousness of it all my day dream came to a screeching haul with the realization that this moment would not have been possible without a global economy and trade system.

I do my best to support my local economy and blah blah blah but there are some things I can't live without. Luckily I live in central California where seasons are something I read about in a fairy tale and I can eat avocados all year long and there are olive groves spotting the state. Fermented soybean mush probably has to road trip a few thousand miles at the least to end up on my shelf but if it wasn't for a certain Italiain explorer and liberal trade my originally global yet seemingly local meal, along with every other aspect of modern life, would not have existed. Damn you oh so tasty but Earth killing globalization, damn you to hell.

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